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From someone that just went through what you experienced the above advise is very good. Low hanging fruit is a brake fluid flush (mine had water in the master cylinder). I would also highly recommend pulling the calipers off, lightly sanding the pads with emery cloth and greasing the caliper slides. I also put a fresh layer of anti-squeal on the backs of the pads.

This assumes you're not the victim of all the faulty Reliable brake parts. If you haven't checked take a look at your calipers to see what brand they are and if the pads are wearing evenly. If your calipers are sticking/hanging you'll typically see uneven wear on one pad or the other. Reliable master cylinders are pretty much junk and as they start to fail will lose effectiveness. The back up test will tell you a lot. As stated above if they're working correctly they'll bite real hard, almost scary hard.
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