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Slalom Ski Help...

After purchasing my first Mastercraft this past March and watching my kids have a fantastic time, I'm hoping to join them and get back into watersports this Summer. I basically stopped skiing, footing etc. for almost 20yrs! The old Eagle Barefoot suit still kind of fits (sadly it might fit better/tighter now than ever!) and the Drysuit will be sent out to have the seals replaced. I need some help with a ski. Here is the skinny:

Mid 40's, 5'10", 175lbs. I was never a great skier. The last ski I had was a late 80's double boot HO. I started late and all my crowd did was barefoot. There is a course on the lake and I'd like to work at it. I'm dealing with a handful typical old guy injuries that need to be sorted (ACL, Back, Shoulder) but I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines. I like to think that I still push hard but the truth is that I will now ski/foot/wakeskate etc. like I have to show up at work on Monday!

Any suggestions for a ski (used or new) that will help me get back into the course? I presume the technology has changed alot. Would I be a 67" ski? How stiff, wide, etc.? There is a lot of knowledge on this site, thanks for letting me tap in!
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