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2006 X1 Engine Cover - Walk-through

Well after ripping the rear engine cover vinly for the 2nd time. I decided a different route was needed.

I stripped off the foam and vinly and was left with a 5/8" aluminum and honeycomb deck. Took it over to a aluminum fabrication shop and we came up with a design that should be pretty cool.

Hes going to cut out the same size plate (basically a rectangle with 2 little cut outs to reach the handles better) out of 1/4" aluminum plate. We are then going to attach (2) 2" blocks where the hinges screw into, and 2" square pipe will reinforce the edges and sit on the brackets of the boat. Im going to have send me a template kit and make a template for the top part and have it match the colors of the boat and have the mastercraft logo placed in it.

This should
1) clear the airfilter / valve covers which currently where being squished by the oem sundeck as the plastic bin is cracked etc...
2) Allow a nice walk way to get to the back of the boat instead of stepping on the vinyl

I will post pictures are we progress. Hes doing everything in autocad and a cnc machine, so once we have a good prototype it should be hard to duplicate if anyone is interested

OEM piece ripped apart for now.
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