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Originally Posted by GKinTN View Post
Nice boat for sure! I'm assuming that was a rare engine option at that time. In general (with this era MC 190) about how much "value added" would you say the Corvette LT-1 engine is over the base model 351 Ford? I'm guessing a grand, all else equal?
You're kicking tires.

There is no value added to this hobby. Market value (plus or minus) and that's the best it gets. IMHO, this is not an investment market other than a few loose pennies here and there....

That's a good boat and close by you. Take it or leave it but I'd go look at it if I were a serious buyer.... You can thank me later for taking the time to find it for you and spoonfeed the link.....

The LT-1 is not rare.... not sure where you got that information. It's an option... someone chose to build that boat with the LT-1.

Read up here on the forum and learn a lot. There's more info here than you can possibly read in a month of Sundays.....

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