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2006 Xstar Amp Problems

My boat has factory JL amps and speakers. Two weeks ago my 6 channel amp started smoking, I pulled the 60 amp fuse and finished the day on the lake. I called JL and they told me that the original 6450M was discontinued and recommended the M600/6. I ordered it and got it in this past Friday.

I installed it in the EXACT same sequence as the original. When I went to bridge channels 5 and 6 to power the sub; the + on channel 5 was stripped and wouldn't tighten. I decided to just run the sub from channel 6 only since I was going to the lake the next day. The sub has zero sound comming from it AND I have a high pitched wine coming from the speakers when the key is on and when in the ACC position.

I pulled all of the wiring back out and cleaned the connections. I also checked the resistance in the ground cables. I put it all back together and still have zero sound from the sub and have the high pitched wine coming from the other speakers.

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