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2006 X15 ballast plumbing

Hello All. Just recently purchased a 2006 X15. I have some questions on the plumbing of the ballast system.

1)I have 2 port side thru hull holes and 5 starboard thru hull holes. I know the boat empties the ballast via thru hull holes. I know 2 of them should be for the bilge pumps (front and rear). I would think that there should be an empty and overflow hole for each of the 3 ballast tanks. This adds up to 2 bilge + 6 ballast = 8 holes. But, my boat has only 7 thru hull holes. Is one of these holes shared? If yes, which ones.

2)Does anyone know the exact layout of which thru hole does what?

3)What is the location of the ballast pumps? I assume that I have 3.

4)Anyone have a rough schematic of how the whole system is plumbed? I know there is a distribution manifold in the very rear of the boat.

Just want to understand all this better, especially for winterization.
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