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Originally Posted by Shooter McKevin View Post
The yard is looking great!

The whole place is, I can't believe the progress you've made.

I really like the look of the straw mulch. Great job. Strangely, I've never applied it before (since we run a couple 3000 gal hydroseeders). I did bid on a big job once (120ac) that specified blown straw and not hydroseeding. I didn't win, I'm pretty sure my straw price was way too high.

What's up with the area around the utility boxes? (I can't remember, is it septic?).
I can tell you this, I did not use nearly as much straw as I had figured due to blowing it. My research said that you should plan on about 100 bales/acre and I seeded roughly 1.5-1.75 acres and only ended up using 73 bales. The blower really provides a nice even coverage and great utilization of the material.

In the pic, the area you see is the septic tank lids and given that you can't really drive anything heavy over it or bury the lids, we are simply going to make that a nice flower bed of some shape and incorporate the lids somehow. We have a swayle that exists as well and the plan, when everything is said and done, will be to line it with a weed fabric and place rocks as to make a nice creek bed area as it does lead directly to the pond and will likely remain wet most of the time anyways.
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