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F16 I have not had chance to replace fuses but will try tomorrow just to make sure that is not the problem. I have checked them with my multi meter and they did have continuity. I even pulled them out and the noticed that the gauges did not do anything (the LCD display did not work, and I think the gauges did not attempt to wind up). I don’t remember a 10amp fuse but will look again.

Topp dawg, the fuses in my boat are in two locations. All the instrument (gauge fuses) are under the dash behind the kick panel. I have found the best way to access them is by removing the subwoofer and fishing them out. On my boat there if memory serves me correctly I have the following:
3 amp MMDC fuse, not 100% sure on size
5 amp perfect pass fuse -- even though I don’t have perfect pass, not 100% sure on size
2 amd fuse for paddle wheel, not 100% sure on size but I do recall this was the smallest fuse.
And there is a relay for buzzer.
all the above is under the dash, and in engine bay area this a strip next to test port with 3 10 amp fuses, but I think these are for the fuel injection and ECU.
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