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Using anything that's abrasive on vinyl will do the same as sandpaper on wood- it becomes easier to accept stains. Sure, it removed the old stains, but if a barrier coat isn't put on, it will stain faster. How well the barrier coat does its job depends on how often it needs to be cleaned and another coat added.

Vinyl forms a skin when it cures, but under that surface, it's porous. If abrasives or solvents are used, the skin's thickness is reduced. In the case of some solvents, the skin becomes stiffer and this will lead to cracking where people stand/kneel and along the seams. It's only a temporary fix, regardless of how good it looks after the dirt is gone.

Rather than using reducer (and DEFINITELY DO NOT USE ACETONE OR LACQUER THINNER), Naptha or lighter fluid will remove a lot of stains from vinyl without doing much damage. These should obviously be used only in well-ventilated places and only if you don't have a problem using these solvents.
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