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Originally Posted by KWSC View Post
Tested out my fuel pump replacement and so far so good. Here are my notes from the job:

- lots of gas - bucket is a necessity
- our gas line was rock hard - not crimped but impossible to get off the pump and the regulator nipple
- the regulator nipple was a different size that the pump nipple. I could have used a smaller clamp for the regulator (used a 3/8 for the pump and it was perfect)
- do not pull on the hose to get it off the pressure regulator (top connection). I ended up slightly cracking mine.
- I put my clamps on as tight as I could. So far so good but I haven't left the boat for an hour and then tried to restart it.
- my fuel line from was black and not white like the picture showed - 5/16" X 8"
- I wrote up a DIY using the pictures from pg 1. Hope this helps people.
By "gas line", do you mean the orange one? The line itself is Teflon, with a fiberglass sleeve, stainless braid, fiberglass sleeve and another stainless braid before the orange fire-resistant jacket.
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