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Originally Posted by DooSPX View Post
Owning a custom AR15 with Milspec M4 components, a shotgun, a 30/30 and multiple handguns, I have to laugh when I hear people say that the .223 Remington/5.56 round was designed to kill people. While its effective, the round was designed for small/medium game. Not large game (also see humuns). My 30/30 with its 7.62 round is twice as effective if you wanted to talk about ability to larger game.

The main advantage is the ability to put many small holes in things. (All M4 and AR15 are semi-auto). US military ditched the full auto AR/M .223/5.56 platform after 70's.

I would never use my AR for home defense, that tiny lightweight high velocity round over penetrates easily. I much rather have a shotgun with buckshot. I have done some penetration test of my own with my 16" and it confirmed I wouldn't use it for home defense. Not to mention, I rather have a 90% one shot stop with a shotgun in my house around my family.
You are right on the mark with saying that the .223/5.56 wasn't adopted by the military to kill people, it was to wound people. When soldiers is killed on the battlefield, one person can retrieve more than one dead soldier whereas it takes more than one person to tend to a wounded soldier. It's a numbers game that has several trade-offs. While a bad guy that gets shot with a 7.62 NATO/.308 Win will be much more likely incapacitated than one shot with a .223, a soldier can carry twice as much .223 ammo and the weaopn can weigh less to boot.

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