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Originally Posted by lake View Post
This motor is in my new to me 2009 PS214. After my first season with the boat I'm overall very happy with the engine except how it starts. From the start of this season it always seems to crank longer than it should before it starts. There are also times it wont start on the first attempt but always fires on the second.

I tolerated all of this prior to last weekend. The first start failed so I hit the key a second time and still no luck. After about 10 attempts I gave up and called Sea Tow. After the call I tried one more time and it fired and got us back to the dock. Fast forward to yesterday and it ran fine but still has the delay when starting. I'm very careful now to turn the key and let the gauges and fuel pump come up before starting it. It just seems like that shouldnt be necessary. Just curious if any other LY6 owners have experienced this or heard about it? I searched and couldnt find any prior threads on it. Thanks.
Also, Check out the fuel pump 101 will both terrify and educate you about fuel pump issues. If you have a mastercraft, you've probably had to go through this at one time or another...
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