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sorry, im on this tablet and i suck on it. 230vs x30, surf was very similar id give the edge to the 230 only because prep time was much less. wakeboard wake similar also. still think mc finishing was nicer, but cc not far behind. 210 vs x10, 210 surf wins for sure. much less weight needed, much less prep time. i found the 2014 210 to be the best surf boat of them all. the nss changes the wave so much from very long to very high and steep. much more versatile surf wave than all the others. wakeboard wake looked similar, but i didnt get to ride them. mc finishing wins again, reverse seating in the x10, was nice and the clamp racks. i did like the 210 foam flooring, the 210 seemed to sit deeper, much deeper that the 13 210. the g 23 wakeboard wake was in a league of its own as far as vert goes. tons of storage. surfing was good, but would go 210 if buying just to surf. i found the cc boats a bit quieter when running. x10 and x30 seemed to have more storage than the cc. x10 was the nicest handling boat of all, mc sound system wins hands down. let me know if anybody needs specifics on any of the five.
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