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Well here is some progress pictures, I kind of forgot to take a lot of before pictures but too late, no motor in shots either sorry.

No need to post the other side its the same, lol.

Heres the supplies ive bought so far:

Tell me what you think, hopefully more to come soon, I dragged her to the car wash today and cleaned the motor/tranny trough area out with 5 toonies and 2 cans of heavy duty degreaser and started to eraserwheel the decals off today so it can get a full wetsand and polish.

I have a little water seaping out of the old bilge pump mount screws obviously water underneath should I be really concerned about this??? or vaccum it out as it comes out until it stops????

I will post pictures of a couple thing im trying to figure out still like a random hose off the tranny and a few other things she is starting to come together good, gotta pull the carpet out next and start filling the screw holes in so they actually can have a screw hold some weight instead of just press the screws into them haha.
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