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Originally Posted by bigmac View Post
The technique is described in your owner's manual.
I´m asking to be sure. Don´t want to make any mistakes. The ring in my picture works to lift the boat? The only thing I find in the manual is this, no pictures.

DO NOT use the ski pylon for lifting. It is NOT designed as a central lifting point. Also, DO NOT use the stern ski tow as a lifting ring. The deck will be damaged. See the Storage Cradle sub-section of the Lifting the Boat section of this Manual. Also never lift a boat with a large amount of water in the bilge or containing a water-filled device such as a Fat Sac or ballast system. The extra stress will put an excessive load on the hull and lifting equipment that may seriously damage the boat and void your warranty.

Using Lifting Eyes
An overhead hoist with two-ton capacity (minimum) should be used to lift your boat. Cables should be rated for at least 3500 pounds each. When lifting, keep the bow slightly higher than the stern to prevent any possibility of water running into the engine exhaust manifold.

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