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Originally Posted by TRBenj View Post
What is "marine wood" or "marine treated wood"? I have never heard of those terms.
Probably a difference in nomenclature... I am referring to a treated / pressure treated wood. Our current dock has been in use for the last 10 years with the wood currently on it.

Originally Posted by Skir68 View Post
We have a "TREX" deck, it's 11 years old. Last summer, we power washed it, it still looks brand new. No warpage at all. I think that's pretty good considering the extreme weather patterns of Minnesota. It could be 40-50 below zero in the winter months to 100 plus in the summer. Of course YMMV and it is $$$ but Its worth it for ZERO maintenance!
Trex = also gorgeous material - estimate on cost?

Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
My father built one with marine wood and it is a very nice dock but over the past three years or so, it has had quote a bit of shrinkage. I tried to prolong the life of my deck at my house by putting the non skid surface and it seems to work well, but is really a pain to paint on, especially if you do it after the fact. Doing it before wouldn't be so bad but if you are spending the extra money, I would put it into composite decking. No rotting to worry about. It is denser than wood and tends to get prretyy warm in the sun but that is something pretty minor.
thats what I was thinking...

Originally Posted by russlars View Post
Iirc about $2-2.50 per lineal foot for the 6" wide decking that is 1" thick. They also have some nice colors if you want to do a different color for a surround or accents. Really easy to cut and work with. It is fairly heavy though so you need some good floats for your dock.
we are required to use encapsulated foam now, so add $$$ to the tab

Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
My father in law used composite decking and stainless hardware on his dock. The piers and substructure was treated plywood. 10 years later and it still looks great. He also affixed tar paper to the upward facing surfaces in the pier and substructure to allow water to run off.
definitely stainless - we need repairs to be easy...
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