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Originally Posted by Shavo9 View Post
I'm getting there it's just hard with the limited ability to test all the boats, I would like people to compare the x2 (what I'm used to) to an x30, is the x30 wake better in every way? Does the x2 have any advantages over the x30? I think x30 is where I'm headed for the fact of the adjustability of the wake, but another x2 is seeming like not such a bad option either. Really looking for a comparison between an x2 and x30 would be great
I have owned an X2 for six summers now, great boat all around. Good for all sports, no complaints. On that note I have driven and surfed an 2013 X30 on a couple hour demo. Bottom line is X30 all the way. It will turn circles around an X2, surfs with ease, nimble, comfortable etc. etc.

Also to validate my statement I just ordered a new X30 on Friday. Only negative is that I lose the pickle fork front, but the gain everywhere else make up for it. I would have ordered an X10 but the interior is too small for our growing family. I have heard to X10 wakeboard wake is okay and X30 is better. I have also heard the X10 is tied or exceeds the surf of an X30. Wakes for X10 and X30 exceed all aspects of an X2.

I also test drove an X25 vs X30 side by side same engine etc. Again X30 all the way. I basically have spent two summers contemplating these two boats and based on real life testing this is my opinion . I am sure I will get some controversy over it.
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