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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
Wow. I've obviously never seen your daughter wakeboard and that may be the perfect speed for her, just exercise some caution. The "right" speed is obviously a matter of personal preference and debate, but one thing we all agree on is that more speed = more risk and research has shown females are three times more likely to tear their ACL than males. Be careful... Or ask your daughter to be careful.
Both my girls are pretty good riders. They have a couple of inverts that they land from time to time. They're not pro by any means, none of us are but we certainly have a riding crew with us that's better then 95% of the boats on the lake at any given time. We just find now days people don't really wakeboard anymore. They just surf. Here's a pic of her from a couple of years ago, not much height on that one...

When we ride, we don't ride in wally chop though either. Pretty much butter or nothing, maybe a ripple.... I think people get hurt learning or when they're riding in choppy conditions, going to fast for their abitlity ect ect. I always shake my head when some rips by us going to fast with knee high chop all over the place towing someone that's boarded 3 times in their life.... Doesn't look fun
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