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Originally Posted by Bouyhead View Post
Running the course at 15 off at any speed is a major accomplishment, congrats! Big school bus turns are caused by riding the tail of the ski. You can be on a high end slalom ski with the Mac Daddy binding setup and guess what? Get on the tail and here comes the bus As long as your skiing slower speeds I think that HO is probably fine. 15 thru 28-32 off is all about working behind the boat.
That's true, and I don't want to be the proverbial 30 handicapper with pro clubs, but I'd like to keep progressing, and it seems like the Senate is a good middle of the road ski for buoy chasers.

Originally Posted by Skipper View Post
Are you a big fella? 69 and 71 inch skis are very long. If you are 185lbs or less you may wanna go way down to a 67 inch ski. You would probably be able to run a 68 inch ski up into 220 lbs. You cannot go wrong with Radar. They are great skis.

Learning to ride the dumb things is what gets tough. Body position is critical, especially as you get deeper into the course. Bendnig the knees, getting the hips forward, keeping the handle at or below hip level at all times, quickly transitioning, paitiently waiting to hook up, you have nothing but fun times in your future.
I am a big guy...right now around 230, but down from 245 last month and hoping to get to 210 or so. There is no conceivable way I will be 185 any time soon, short of an illness!

I feel better and better each time I'm out there, and the video seems to support much to look forward to, sucks that we're at the end of the season!

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Triumph not a bad ski - Skipper is right.. I ride a 69 triumph and a 69 Coefficient xl/s - weigh 193... will be dropping to 185 hopefully for next season. Ski the Triumph mostly to ski slower to get my form right. I would be concerned more about form over the ski.

I saw vid of the owner of Pine Lake Ski school run the course in two skis.. if that's not turn a bus I don't know what is..

If you want the turn to feel like it's snapping around... the xl
I know CP and Nate could run the course with a 2x4 and rubber bands for binding, but I need all the help I can get
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