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501. The speed thing would be one of my biggest concerns. Nobody in my crew boards at 18-22 mph for the main reason of the wake is just softer at those speeds. Sure it can be bigger at lower speeds, but we like the feeling of hitting a wall and hucking you straight up. My oldest daughter is starting to ride faster then 24 now. At the boat show Adtkins (sp) told us the x-10 wake starts to flatten out at anything over 22 and he was the one that sold us on the x25. My wife loved the seating in the 10, loved the flip seat and thats the boat we were going to buy before Andrew talked us out of it.

Another thing to consider is the depth of your lake. I think if you typically run in a shallow lake you should buy a boat that has a good lip on the wake. One of my buddies has an x star and his lake is 6-12 feet deep. The wake absolutely sucks, no good definition or shape, the wake doesnt firm up till you hit 23 or 24 and then it flattens out.

The reason mc has 10 models to choose from is its all personal preference. You love the 30 and there isn't one thing we dislike about our 25. I can pick apart tons of things i don't like about other boats i've ridden, the things I don't like others like so it's all good.
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