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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
I'm a pilot and reading your post before I watched the video thinking, you might be forgetting that you keep the ailerons into the wind and then rotate the yoke straight on lift off.

Then I watched the video. And that guy couldn't be jerking off those controls any harder. Lol. Imagine having turbulent air due to the mountains and then also combating thermals from the fire. I bet they get knocked around in there. Doing all they can to keep it straight.

Although they are good pilots. Usually airplanes fly better than you can. And the rudder will smooth a lot of those bumps out without such molestation of the controls.

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Being a pilot you'll know all about the effectiveness of controls at low speeds. Most bombing runs are made with flaps marginally extended (in this particular aircraft type) and as slow as possible to improve aim and water coverage. I used to do this in my past life - full aileron deflection is normal in high wind / low level conditions.
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