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Originally Posted by quincyfirefighter View Post
Cool Vid my buddy sent me. He is a ground pounder and worked with these type planes up north some time back. (Words from the video) Water bombing forest fires Very courageous and skilled pilots. The shots
of the pilot wrestling with the controls is revealing...
The old company, Bombardier Aerospace, makes these. They don't 'motor
around" to fill the tanks---they touch down at approach speed, open the
fill scoops, add lots of power, and the tanks fill in seconds. There's
one scene in the film where you can see the two tank level gauges rapidly
go up. The
other neat thing is watching the magnitude of
the flight
control inputs, especially aileron, as they are maneuvering down
low---sometimes the pilot is literally going stop to stop.

Real flying!43 Grupo 2012
That plane has to be a handfull to fly. The crew chief/third pilot sits in the middle and is helping fly the plane. It would be pretty awesome to see how they work as a team, managing that cockpit as you'r hurtling towards a flaming mountaniside with a huge payload of water.

Love all the flying boats like the Oldschool catalina PBY, and the Canadair

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
These pilots are awesome - I had a similar experience like the video below - but I my perspective was from the dock of the in laws summer place...
Remember when that movie was shot, I was living a few miles from Lake Kootenai.
The airport in Libby Montana has to be one of the prettiest general aviation airfields I know.

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