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Originally Posted by abneyxstar View Post
I was getting pretty loud with my stereo this weekend and the sub stopped working. Everything else as it pertains to stereo is working just fine and I did not here anything that would make me think the speaker blew. There is nothing coming out at all. Is there a fuse or something I can check?
I have had this happen so often it is scary. Most of the time it is indeed voltage issues mainly from discharged batteries. I have though, completely melted the voice coil in two subs. They were both 15's. I switched to a 10 and a 12 and everything has been fine. But I did add a capacitor which regulates the voltage and keeps it from spiking. Since adding the capacitor 6 years ago, I have had no issues with melting the speakers. I do have the subs shutting off though if I ever let the batteries get down at all. This past summer, low voltage finally trashed the amp and I had to replace it.
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