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Winterizing with toilet plunger question...

A toilet plunger perfectly represents how I feel about winterizing...seems like the season just got going. I have read a bunch on this topic and the fake "fake-a-lake" option that I like best is to fit a garden hose to a toilet plunger, suction the toilet plunger over the hull opening of the raw water intake (maybe prop it up with a 2x4 or just have my wife watch to make sure it doesn't fall off), attach a garden hose to the toilet plunger, fill a large outdoor garbage can with water and place it under one of the exhaust ports at the back of the boat (to catch 1/2 the exhaust water) and place the other end of the 8' garden hose in the water-filled garbage can, start the engine with water running into the garbage can. Will this work? I am concerned the suction of the raw water pump will collapse the garden hose or just not supply enough water. Should I just use a larger hose? If so, what size?
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