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Polishing update

While I debate the engine decision and the fate of whether the tranny is salvageable, decided to get on the outside. So started with a myriad of suggestions from web sites as to the best way to restore this babies Gel coat. Sanding, polishing, this sander, that sander, this compound, that pad. Whew man, i'm sure all of them work but had a friend who is a professional boat detailer come over and he did in 10 minutes what I had worked on for an hour. So here is what is working for me. Rotary buffer with wool two sided bonnet, Adjustable speed buffer, 3M high gloss polishing compound, (West Marine - some expensive stuff) put it on with a paintbrush evenly and slowly work back and forth on small section. If there are some sections or places that are so badly oxided that it doesn't look even, the 1000 grit wet dry sandpaper with water and tiny bit of soap, circular patterns then redo the polishing compound. Finish with 3M Finese-it ( more expensive stuff) then wax with some tougher than crap UV wax and buff. So far it is turning out well. The top side is next and lots of nooks and crannies- Although it is cooling off up North (i'm told) its still a furnace in Mid florida so can only hit is for couple of hours before I'm toast. Thanks to everyone for your comments on the reclamation project. Its fun but its more fun to share it with Enthusiasts like those of you here. Till next post.
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