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Originally Posted by Lumbergh View Post
Summer is officially over in Seattle, as least for us.

Pulled boat out of water:

Cleaned with Starbrite. Awesome stuff. Including hull on bunk boards. Jacked up hull on both side with 3.5t jack and did it proper.

Also, ran on hose to warm fluids and get lake water out of engine. Changed oil and filter with Mobile 1 filter and 5q Valvoline VR1 20w-50 (conventional).
Drained engine block, both manifolds and heater. Pulled impeller. Stabilized fuel with Seafoam and Stabil.

Tomorrow, wash and wax. Vacuum and put in garage for winter.

Lots of projects scheduled for the off season.
Hey - wet suit time.... and for a second I thought you painted the hull - phew...
...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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