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Originally Posted by BigOrange View Post
Hey y'all I'm looking at getting an x45 within the year possibly. I've really been looking since last winter. Definitely need an 05 to 08 to fit what I'm willing to pay. Based on everything I've looked at including a lot of threads on here, I've decided to not consider the 5.7 MCX. Now, that brings me to my questions:

1. I'm focusing on 07 and up due to "tower shake" problems of the 2005 and 2006s. Is this a concern I should really have?

I have an 06 with double ladder top and while I prefer the 07, shaking is not a problem. It moves a little but no more than other boats I have seen.

2. There are a few salt series / closed cooling boats out there. I will not go for a salt boat , but many of these say they've been used in fresh water only. Would this be a concern and do these have a lower resale? What about the crusader engine?

I have te 8.1 and love it. Likes gas but didn't buy the boat for fuel economy. Someone that knows will understand salt use or not. If truly fresh you can tell so can they.

3. Some have maristars listed as x45's. I realize if there is a tower this is the same boat other than some trims. Is this totally correct and is this a resale concern?

Last is there any other things I should really be on the lookout for?

I would try to find one with perfect pass, I have mc cruise and it sucks aka doesn't work. Still researching solutions after a full season.

Thanks all!
Hope this helps. Pm me if u need more info.
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