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Originally Posted by KTZ_MC View Post
Thanks for the suggestion, I will pickup some of that cleaner and give it a shot! What did you use to cover the hole where the ski pylon was? I don't see anyone consistently skiing from the boat, and all I use it for is holding wet life jackets.

Good call on the cell phone GPS speedo, completely forgot about that! I believe that I have a 4x14x18 prop on it now and I am pretty happy with the performance but things could change when ballast is added. Where did you get your perfect pass? Thanks for the explanation on how it works, that cleared up a lot. I had a buddy on the boat with a GPS speedo app, we tested the accuracy and I found that my speedo can be somewhat accurate but only during cruise and sometimes it goes on the fritz...
I found a cover under the observer seat that screwed in place of that one. If bot you can sell the pylon for a pretty penny and by some fiberglass and carpet. You seem handy enough to handle that.

For my PPSG system I went direct to perfect pass. It's the cheapest and safest route.

I'll have to dig up what prop I have on. Can't remember the size. I love it. Dropped my surf rpms from 2700-2900 down to 2200-2400 and saves about a gallon an hour.

Fir surfing I'm burning 4.9 gallons an hour. On plane just cruising the river I'm running 3.6 gallons per hour. I also have a different engine and smaller boat.

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