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First time winterize in Montana

First end of season for me. In less than a month the average night temp will easily be around freezing if not well below. My engine is a 351, I have 5 drain valves instead of the standard drain plugs. So I can drain my engine after every use on the lake with 5 easy levers. I just changed my oil 2-3 engine hrs ago should I change it again (that seems excessive)before I actually put it away?
It will be stored inside a building for the winter (not heated). Night temps in MT can get to -30 F several times a winter, followed by a 40-50 F day just days later. We have a semi extreme winter. It will be in storage for 6-7 months.
I have read about getting it full of actual antifreeze before storage, I think this sounds like a good idea.
Is it necessary to fog the engine? I have never done this, I have just been reading that many people do this also. Do you only fog the pistons or should I do more than that? Could someone explain using fogging oil more specifically?
Changing spark plugs, impeller, fuel filter, tranny fluid can these things wait till the spring or should I do them before?
What else am I missing? Engine only has 60 hrs on it. I want to make sure I take good care of it.
I hope it dumps snow the day after I put her away for the winter. Then I can shred the Rockies.
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