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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Looks good. Get some Totally Awesome cleaner from the dollar store too. In a clear bottle yellow liquid inside. It might help those dark areas.

Also, I removed that center pylon. Not like you need it if you don't plan to slalom. And you can slalom from the tower. This really isn't the best slalom boat. Probably the worst thing it does, and was its original intention. How about that.
Thanks for the suggestion, I will pickup some of that cleaner and give it a shot! What did you use to cover the hole where the ski pylon was? I don't see anyone consistently skiing from the boat, and all I use it for is holding wet life jackets.

Originally Posted by Whalenjf View Post
Perfect Pass won't affect your throttle response/feel. It's just like cruise control in a car, just turn it on and set the speed when you need it or turn it off and manually control the throttle just like before (digital speedo still reads when the system is off as well). It's a lifesaver because the only thing the driver has to do is keep the boat straight now!

Installation was a breeze since the Perfect Pass Stargazer Wake Edition is GPS based, no paddle wheel thru-hull. It took less than 2 hours for me and a friend to install it in the boat.

That speedo in the boat will never read right, mine never did. I did the same thing Traxx did and downloaded a GPS speedometer app and used that to find the correct speed and then I just referenced the approximate RPM that I needed to hold the engine at to maintain that speed. I want to say that with my old prop (4x14x19) I was turning somewhere between 2800-3200RPM (depending on additional people, etc) on the analog tach when surfing. Perfect Pass is a lifesaver though!
Good call on the cell phone GPS speedo, completely forgot about that! I believe that I have a 4x14x18 prop on it now and I am pretty happy with the performance but things could change when ballast is added. Where did you get your perfect pass? Thanks for the explanation on how it works, that cleared up a lot. I had a buddy on the boat with a GPS speedo app, we tested the accuracy and I found that my speedo can be somewhat accurate but only during cruise and sometimes it goes on the fritz...
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