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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Torch is my last resort option, but it looks like I am nearly there. I may try taking it in to a tire shop to see if they could at least pop the bolt loose. If I do that, then maybe by folding the tongue on the pin, it will help to break it loose.
A car tire shop may not have anything more than the normal 1/2" impact to use. A truck tire shop on the other hand should have a 3/4" or 1" to use. (Oops... Peter beat me to that)
Mine needed the 1" impact, and I really thought the bolt was going to break.

I almost broke the flex head portion of my breaker bar when I tried it, so watch that part if you plan on using a pipe on the end of your bar.

Below is a photo of the sleeve (same on both sides) that you need to get that PB Blaster in. On mine, I found once we got the bolt out, that the fluid was mostly going down the outside of the sleeve. The bolt and the hole were only slightly wet at the top 1/2" or so.

If you use a torch, you'll have to get it pretty hot to get the heat through the outside and past the sleeve.

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Good luck!
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