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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Coffeyman, also instead of riding backside switch (heels into wave on your normal side of boat) or just standard backside 180 to switch (riding left foot forward on port side and pull 180 to ride switch) try getting up revert ( the board backwards, fins forward) and do your 180 back to backside or revert switch 180 to frontside.

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Yeah I am going to try that, thanks!

Already been talking/designing a board with the fellas at Doomswell. Super responsive folks. I am probably going to wait until spring to pull the trigger because they are backed up anyways and by the time I got a board I would be in wetsuit weather. Keep working with the CWB for now then upgrade come spring.

They are leaning towards a 4'6" Squash Tail Drone with 4 fin quad Twinzer and Agenda Traction. Been drooling over that board for a while, looks sharp....
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