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Originally Posted by KTZ_MC View Post
I am surfing around 10mph although it is somewhat of a guess because the speedo doesn't move much below 15mph. I was round 1900rpm with 2 passengers and 400lbs and the surf wake wasn't very surfable. I can't wait to add ballast! The wakeboarding wake is awesome though!

I have thought about getting a perfect pass setup, it seems like a great idea because I am constantly having to teach someone new how to pull a rider. How hard was the installation? I really like the throttle response/feel that it currently has but I definitely see the benefits of perfect pass...
Perfect Pass won't affect your throttle response/feel. It's just like cruise control in a car, just turn it on and set the speed when you need it or turn it off and manually control the throttle just like before (digital speedo still reads when the system is off as well). It's a lifesaver because the only thing the driver has to do is keep the boat straight now!

Installation was a breeze since the Perfect Pass Stargazer Wake Edition is GPS based, no paddle wheel thru-hull. It took less than 2 hours for me and a friend to install it in the boat.

Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Until you get that PP system going, I used to set my phone up on the steering hub of the wheel and used that. My analog mph gauge has never worked right. Still didn't help other people driving my boat though. PP solved that.

You will for sure need ballast to surf.
That speedo in the boat will never read right, mine never did. I did the same thing Traxx did and downloaded a GPS speedometer app and used that to find the correct speed and then I just referenced the approximate RPM that I needed to hold the engine at to maintain that speed. I want to say that with my old prop (4x14x19) I was turning somewhere between 2800-3200RPM (depending on additional people, etc) on the analog tach when surfing. Perfect Pass is a lifesaver though!
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