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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
What speed are you doing for surf? I run about 10.4 average.

For surfing I'd say fill your locker bag as much as you can. The more weight in the corner and the taller the wave.

Also, I see a lot of people surf too close to the boat. Not sure if this is your problem but move back on the wave and see if that makes it more surfable. Photo for reference.

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I am surfing around 10mph although it is somewhat of a guess because the speedo doesn't move much below 15mph. I was round 1900rpm with 2 passengers and 400lbs and the surf wake wasn't very surfable. I can't wait to add ballast! The wakeboarding wake is awesome though!

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Originally Posted by Whalenjf View Post
Some great ideas for this weekend right here. I'll half fill the rears and keep all the bow weight in the boat, more vert would be nice!

Perfect Pass Stargazer is a lifesaver when running ballast, even my gf can drive the boat perfectly with it. Highly recommend it for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing!

P.S. - KTZ_MC, sorry for the thread jack haha.
I have thought about getting a perfect pass setup, it seems like a great idea because I am constantly having to teach someone new how to pull a rider. How hard was the installation? I really like the throttle response/feel that it currently has but I definitely see the benefits of perfect pass...
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