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Originally Posted by craig3972 View Post
Does this mean that the plastic injection molded cones on the JL's are less than desirable when it comes to output and SQ?
Oh, heck no. The JL Audio woofer is far and away superior in SQ. Now a JL Audio automotive speaker will have a bit more output than the marine speaker. Only the marine speaker is suitable for off-shore usage.
Paper is just typically lighter, cheaper and an off-the-shelf China part. Cheap/China is a major part of the Sundown equation. Paper is also more prone to cone break-up modes, in other words, distortion. For an idea of what 'break-up modes' are, read this blog and view the corresponding graphic.
A paper cone will also absorb moisture in a boat and that will change the weight of the cone and therefore the Thiele/Small parameters, so over time, it is a crap shoot as to what you have.

Think of a speaker as something similar to a guitar string. Make the string thinner, lighter and stretch it tighter...and the resonance goes higher. Make the string thicker, heavier and make it more compliant...and the tone goes lower. It's a tuned circuit. And all the parts (cone, spider, magnet and voice coil) of a speaker are a tuned circuit. An SQ circuit is a balanced circuit that provides more output over a broader bandwidth with less deviation and less distortion. An SPL circuit is an unbalanced circuit that is erratic in its response and compromises all the other performance attributes for a more singular pursuit.

Now set your priorities and your compromises and pick one woofer. You can't have it all in one speaker. PERIOD!

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