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Yeah the problem for me is even if I salvaged the innerds and stick it in a new or rebuilt block and heads , there isn't really anything salvageable or trustworthy with respect to rest of the engine, i.e. intake manifold, carb, distributor ,wire harness, both water pumps ,pullies, belts alternator, fuel pumps, hoses and other engine and marine systems. I keep adding up the component costs and its not too far off the cost of a full turn key engine with no warranty so thats what is sending me the turn key route. Talked to several marine rebuilders here and they end up about the same costs once all the bells and whistles are on it- I cant seem to make the money add up to less. I have really gone round and round on this- Would actually like to find someone who wants to upgun and sell off a low time engine but no luck.
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