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Originally Posted by craig3972 View Post
As much as I like the sound quality of the M10W5's, I think people in our boat are there for the party (loud music) and could careless about SQ. I just hope that if I buy and install a set of high output (SPL) type subs that I don't dislike the sound they produce. I am willing to give up some SQ for volume.

Going back a few years I replaced a JL sub with an Alpine Type R. Hated the sound of the Type R, didnt seem to be faithfully reproducing the music, so I removed them. that was in a vehicle tho.
Again, as explained before, to get an output increase from the same size woofer you will give up bandwidth and linearity (smoothness). Higher 'Q'. Higher Fs. Higher sensitivity. Peaky response. Simply put...more peak output over a narrower bandwidth. Not more average output.
Or, a woofer can be designed to handle more power. Multiple spiders=more moving mass=less agility. Larger gauge voice coil windings for greater thermal capacity=more voice coil winding layers to equal the same resistance=greater voice coil inductance=less midbass responsiveness and less articulation.
A woofer is a tuned circuit. Mass=inductance. Compliance=capacitance. Etc. It's mathematical. You can move all the numbers around with the same size of woofer but you can't get more of something without sacrificing something else. Just like a sub enclosure. Make it smaller and it will provide more of a midbass peak and more output over a narrower bandwidth at the cost of low bass extension.
Listen to all the YouTube videos of all the SPL woofers that sound like a compressor with a broken gasket or a flap disc hooked up to a weedwacker. One note wonders with tons of distortion.
If you want more output then increase the woofer size in a larger enclosure with a larger amplifier. Everything else is a trade-off.

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