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update 12 Sept

Havent posted for a while so heres the latest update:
1) Engine- Pulled engine and as suspected its gone- Manifolds ( intake and exhaust) both ruined - Intake holes corroded- Exhaust - rusted almost closed. heads corroded - May be able to salvage, a big maybe. So after many options and adding up costs my thoughts are that I'm going to buy new Indmar from Michigan Motorz.
2) Mounts- rusted frozen- So got them all out - after three bolts breaking off- Tapped them out and cleaned up the engine compartment. New mounts inbound.
3) Tranny- Mounts gone- but tranny being gone thru and may be just seals and cleaned up- Drive plate just ripped in half in removal- Bell housing is good.
4)Drive shaft/Prop-Shaft pitted beyond repair due to galvanic corrosion, Bushings heated up and removed in pieces - Prop was sand blasted and cleaned up and is saved- (OJ 4 Blade 12x13)
5) Gelcoat- Turning out niiiice.

Next - get pieces and parts together for engine installation.
research carpet install. Still unsure about interior- Jim at Viper is the best way for sure but its an expensive endeavor- Viper is good price I'm just low on Money- looking for options , engine blew my budget to keep from being upside down. I'm thinking thru different angles- Anyone bought an after market Drivers seat ( Attwood, Wise etc??) Anyway any feedback is welcome. Later Wingnut
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