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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Also watch the bow. It is pointed slightly down and will take a roller wave over the bow easily. It will happen to you. Don't panic. Just drain. Haha. ..

Also watch your walk thru window when crossing waves from boats or in chop. The hull tends to flex and the window can drop below the starboard side frame and you will have to remove it and reinstall in order to fix it. Have to hit the roller pretty hard, but not as hard as you might think.

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I have noticed that the window does tend to flex a lot, good to know it gets worse with ballast because i have gotten it stuck a couple times... When I had the ski locker full and two people in the front the wake was super wide and decent sized. I didn't have any ballast in the rear and only one person in the back so it wasn't ideal weight distribution. The bow did ride pretty low and it would have been easy to soak the riders up front

I'll have to check on the prop, I was at my storage unit today but forgot to look at it. I am guessing it is stock but could be wrong.

Thanks for the heads up on the cooling, although I have already had issues. The first time I took it out after I bought it the lake had debris and it clogged the tranny filter, needless to say that was the only time because I installed a raw water filter. Also, the original owner installed a garden hose valve on the intake with a quick coupler so it can be run on dry land. This system works great except when you forget to close it and take the boat out...My bilge pump works great too! I promptly replaced the impeller after both those episodes.

I have been following Whalenjf's forum and he has posted some great stuff on there!! I got the idea for the faux teak from his photos but I still can't decide what to do. At least I have some time to think about it. I am definitely glad that I didn't have to go through an engine rebuild like he did and hopefully I won't see that day.
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