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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Also watch the bow. It is pointed slightly down and will take a roller wave over the bow easily. It will happen to you. Don't panic. Just drain. Haha. ..
I agree! Just make sure your wife is not sitting in the bow when it happens in early May and water temps are still around 50 degrees! Not that it's ever happened You will learn a TON of new words and adjectives to describe someone

BTW, my bilge pump works GREAT!

Nice looking boat. I am getting ready to do the upholstery on mine this year. As for the engine... I love mine now. Check the cooling threads on here for overheating issues the LT-1 has. Huge help.

The faux teak does look nice on these boats. There is a thread by Whalenjf - 1994 Maristar 225 VRS Project (Sorry, not sure how to post a link ) He put one on his. He has tons of pics.
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