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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
I know yours is a little bigger than mine but I run 600# sack in the locker on most days to save time plus have learned that passengers on the center of the pad is better than the edge. So move people around and see what works.

I have loaded it up with 600# in locker 600# in rear seat and 400# in bow and the wave is massive. Then just move your passengers to tweak it. So don't be afraid to slam it. just don't let off the throttle too fast or you will get swamped and always turn weighted side into the roller wave when you recover a rider. you can capsize so be aware.

What board did you get?

Are you plumbing your ballast in? That is my project for the winter. Next season no more pumps I have to fumble with. Can't wait

Your boat is a surf machine. It's wave will rival that of newer boats.

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That is exactly what I wanted to hear!!!!! I was very unsure of how the surf wake would turn out and it seemed impossible to find a clear answer on these older boats.

My plan was to create an integrated system that runs off of one pump to start with. I am going to do an impeller style pump (reversible) to fill and drain the ballast bags. I plan on adding one fitting to the hull for raw water and having a system of 3 valves under the rear seat to select which bag to drain/fill. I figure this will give me the flexibility of having multiple bags but I won't have to invest in (3) $250 pumps from the start. It will be as simple as selecting which bag to fill/drain by selecting the proper ball valve and if needed I can operate all bags at the same time but at a much slower pace.

The bag I have in the ski locker is a 540lb but I can't get completely full and close the door so I guessed at 400lbs. I was planning on 600lbs on each side in the rear and see where that gets me.

I found a Liquid Force Fish onsale at and it seemed like a good all around board. This year was the first time I surfed and it was behind a Tige with no ballast. It was a blast but I am still just starting out and am no where near ready for tricks. I figure next year I can upgrade to something more agile and keep the Fish for everyone else to use.
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