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Vinyl Cleaning-Magic Eraser

I was getting depressed at how dingy my vinyl was getting after 300+ hours of use, despite my best efforts to keep it clean. The weekend before last I went at it with 303 vinyl cleaner and some elbow grease, and made a slight improvement, but not anywhere close to "like new."

This last weekend I tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, after seeing them in a tip on another forum. The name is accurate, as the result was nothing less than magic. So magic I stopped after cleaning one cushion and took a picture with the uncleaned cushion next to it. These cushions were the same color when I started cleaning. Pretty amazing. Keep in mind, the "before" cushion is after a pretty thorough cleaning with 303 the weekend before.

The only downside is that it takes a lot of these. I've gone through several boxes, and I'm not quite done with the interior of my X-45.
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