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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
Long story short, my fiancé and I are under contract on our first house.
I will have to build the detached garage a little down the road, so in the meantime I am planning to install a DIY under deck roof so I have a dry place for the stand up jet skis and dirtbikes.

Has anyone done a DIY Underdeck roof? Specific products to use or not use? Word of hard-earned wisdom?
I did this with my current house. Couldn't have bought it otherwise since we were dropping from 3 car garages in the last 2 houses. I built a slanted support stucture to ensure water flowed away from the house, attached & overlapped corrugated-galvanized roofing with self-tapping deck screws and attached a rain gutter at the end to reduce water impact. I built barn doors for easy access for the lawn stuff, extra bikes, roof cargo box, and other stuff and will try to take some pics for ya if you're interested. It stays bone dry and already had a gravel floor.
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