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Originally Posted by JaredOSU View Post
How did you install the carpet?
My 25 year old carpet pulled up quite cleanly making for good templates to cut out the new carpet. Cleaned up the glue remnants with a carpet scraper from Home Depot and wiped down thoroughly with mineral spirits (let dry a couple of days).

Cut your new carpet with a carpet knife using the old carpet as a template (make sure to align all carpet pieces with the grain going the same direction before cutting so all carpeted surfaces have a consistent look throughout the boat).

Lay in and align one piece of new carpet in its place then spread the glue in small sections, I started from the bow and worked my way to the stern (the under bow area in a ProStar is rather fun with the tight space). Used outdoor carpet glue from Lowe's and applied it with a notched trowel for carpet glue. Keep the mineral spirits handy to clean up any glue that gets on the carpet face and anywhere else you don't want it. Repeat for each piece of carpet.

Good luck with your install and post pictures to show off your work.

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