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Originally Posted by MES View Post
I can have them ship to my NY shipping address, which is a courier address, and then it will automatically get shipped to me. Do you recommend any of their marine vinyl lines? perhaps a good match to the original Mastercraft vinyl texture?
Not possible to know if it's a direct match without knowing what MC used but they do have very good materials. Contact DLT and tell them where you'll use the material, so they can make an informed recommendation- it's more involved than just picking a color and pattern because abrasion resistance, UV inhibition and temperature tolerance are some of the other aspects that need attention. Also, the type of thread & stitch and pitch of the stitching (how many stitches per inch) will determine how well the seams hold up. Some seams need a fabric tape backing to keep the stitching from causing material failure at the seam(s).
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