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Originally Posted by MES View Post

I need to do a full reupholster for my 2007 Mastercraft. I plan on buying the fabric online and have a local upholsterer to do the job. Would you recommend a good quality online fabric supplier?
You might want to ask the local shops if they're willing to do this with you providing the materials. One reason a shop may carry certain fabrics is because of the workability- some fabrics are A) not suited for seat cushions, B) a royal PITA to work with (they don't conform to complex shapes well, if at all) and C) aren't very durable, even though they may be sold as such. You won't know any of these until you get the material and a good shop will be able to find something because they meet with manufacturers and reps to learn about new products (which change constantly, sometimes because the EPA mandates what chemicals can be in these materials- the upholstery problems from 2001-2004 are a great example of this).
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