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Originally Posted by markmcfarland View Post
Hang in there. Rehab rehab rehab. I lost my acl and 75% meniscus in 9-03 6 weeks after getting my new x2 (age 34) doing a back roll. After rehab I was wake boarding the next summer with a brace. No longer use the brace still do back rolls and ski. I know of guys that didn't rehab as hard and nowhere near as good results. Sounds like you were like me. Amazing how much you take things for granted till you can't do them.
Pushed too hard early on and was getting patellar tendon tendonitis...had to back off and ice for a week and got back at it. Really seemed to turn the corner 2 weeks ago (week 18 and 19) where I was building strength quickly and lots of stability with almost no swelling.

Was wearing a Don Joy brace pre-op and have used it post op when I'm doing physical things I probably shouldn't be doing (putting in the dock, moving boat lift, cutting down trees, etc)
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