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Originally Posted by phil_edgecumbe View Post
I have a 1997 PS205 with LT-1 EFI engine. Current top speed at WOT is 45mph at 4600rpm. The engine (650 hrs) and propeller are standard.

I'd like to get a little more top end power/speed for barefooting. I was thinking of adding a Holley throttle body (52 or 58mm, up from the standard 48mm) to help the engine get more air however I'm not sure if the ECM would increase the fuel delivery to take advantage of the increased flow.

Or should I just change the prop...
what trans do you have? i have the exact same boat with a powerslot and with the stock prop my boat ran at 5100 rpms and topped out at about 52 mph(gps)
i propped down this year for the added ballast and still top out at 45 mph.
1997 Prostar 205, LT1 powerslot

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