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I've been missing in action...but I'm back! :)

First of all, sorry that I have been missing in action since my original post, didn't have my notifications setup correctly to be notified when people replied. In this post I will quote anyone who had questions and provide my best possible responses to all of your questions.

Originally Posted by Turnandburn View Post
When do you predict the next generation of the camera will be released?
Well, there really is no definite answer but I do have a little information in regards to a HERO4 release. I have heard from close sources at GoPro at that "something major" will happen October 1st. In my opinion this has to be a HERO4 release but again, none of the guys I am close with at GoPro can share any more information with me.

Originally Posted by flyinryn View Post
Go pro oooooppsss....

Had people over and thought it would be fun to throw the GO Pro in the bottom of pool to see if i would get any cool shots etc. etc..

let it go for an hour plus went down to check on it and the battery and noticed that the case was full of water.. one of the edges did not shut all the way.... so...

Any thoughts if go pro might be able to help me out or i am SOL.... had the camera 9 months and have had some fun with it but bums me out if i half to spend the full price on another one.

Also if am SOL could you let me know what your deal is with them... Will be looking to replace go pro 3 black...
Unfortunately GoPro will not cover this type of accident under warranty. In there user manual they stay multiple times that when sealing your waterproof case to make sure there is no dust or dirt in the case's seal and to double check that the seal is tight before putting the camera to use. Unfortunately you are SOL I would definitely be able to hook you up with a deal on a new one or I would be willing to sell you one of my own HERO3s. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call at (920) 917-9566 and be sure to mention you are from the TT forum.

Originally Posted by wtrjock View Post
You should post some pictures up on the general discussion board. I have 2 GoPros, hero 2 and hero 3 black. Love GoPro. I am looking for good mounting locations for the boat. Would be nice to see what you did.
Love to hear about fellow GoPro lovers! I do a lot of wake surfing and always have a tower mount and I have also put permanent mounts on the transom of my boat. These permanent mounts are the GoPro Surfboard Mounts that are white. They are very nice looking and blend in nicely with the white on the transom of my boat. It's nice to have a permanent mounting solution that is not much of a hinderance to the looks. In addition to those two mounting locations, I sometimes do a board mount. This angle is awesome but you have to deal with a lot of water on the lens which can sometimes ruin the perfect shot. If you are looking for other mounting options for wake boarding or skiing let me know specifically what you are looking to do and I can definitely provide you with some good tips. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call at (920) 917-9566 and be sure to mention you are from the TT forum.

Originally Posted by Budko View Post
Hi Travis,
We have a 2013 X-2 and would like to install a tower cam. What's your opinion of hard wiring through the boat or mounting an external cam like a go pro on a Ram or other tower mount?

If you would like to hard wire the GoPro to feed live footage to your display you would have to feed a video cable through your tower and along the gunwales to get to your display. Many people don't feel that having the ability for live footage is really necessary. My suggestion would be to tower mount a GoPro using a sticky adhesive mount, that way you have flexibility as to where you would like to mount the GoPro if you want to do more than just a tower mount. If you look at my response above I explain how I have a transom mount for wake surfing. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call at (920) 917-9566 and be sure to mention you are from the TT forum.

Originally Posted by wtrjock View Post
The GoPros power off miniusb plug, so it should be pretty easy to hard wire through the tower. I love my Hero3. I mounted mine to the bimini support and that worked good. The nice thing about the Hero3 is it has a wireless remote, so you can start and stop the video when people crash. It makes editing much easier. You can also run a WiFi mode on a tablet or smart phone that allows you to see what is recording and start and stop the recording. I considered getting a cheap 7 on tablet and using that like a towing mirror.

I plan to buy the rollbar mount and put the camera up on the tower by the wire connection, the hardwire the power.

The gopro also has HDMI output, so you can wire it into some video based stereos.

I will try to post some videos I took a couple weeks ago.

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Yes, you are correct. Quite easy to hardwire through the tower. WiFi Remote is definitely a beauty, the only downside is that is doesn't transmit through water. When board mounting a GoPro and using the WiFi remote it can sometimes be a hassle if you are trying to control the GoPro and it happens to be underwater. If you ever have any questions regarding mounting options or need any accessories please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call at (920) 917-9566 and be sure to mention you are from the TT forum.

Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Got any pics of your boat? We would love to see how it is set up with the cameras.
Unfortunately my boat has already been put in storage and I have now moved to California. I can definitely post up some pictures in the spring. I may have a few pictures from this past summer, if I come across them I will be sure to post them. I have a video from the summer in the works, as soon as I have it complete I will post it on this thread, just don't know when I am going to find time to finish up that video.
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