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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
TR6, that is interesting. Would there be any way to find out that info using a computer to "hack" the puck? I know there is a USB version that works with a GPS program for a computer, like MS streets and trips. Pretty sure PP would not be too willing to pass the info along.
Yeah, at one point I was working on a GPS version of my volume controller so I learned a lot about GPS modules and I'm pretty sure I could figure it out. But....

The puck is only one part of the PP Stargazer system. You also need the control module that is designed to work with the GPS receiver, and a graphic LCD display. Just having the puck won't turn a paddle wheel PP system into a Stargazer system.

If you want to do that, take a look at this. It reads speed from GPS then simulates the paddlewheel signal. So your speedo and PP would be reading a GPS speed. I've never used one but have heard good things from messages on this forum.

Its cheaper than just the PP GPS puck.

After saying all that though, I upgraded from paddle wheel PP to stargazer this year and it has worked very well.
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